RF Card Prepaid System in Uganda

Time: 25 March 2021  |   Source: Acrel

Absrtact: the prepaid RF card power sale management system is a kind of charge management software which uses the radio frequency card as the medium for one-to-one power purchase and sale information transmission between the user and the power supply department.

1.Project Overview

Uganda's Masaca market needs a set of prepaid system to charge and manage tenants. After comparing various aspects of several suppliers, it is found that our system is simple to operate, convenient to use and easy to install.So the client decides to use Acrel prepaid power sales system.

2.Product Presentation

The business process of the prepaid radio frequency card electricity sales management system is: first install an electric energy meter for the user, then the user applies for an account opening at the business outlet, and then the sales person opens an account and card based on the user information, and at the same time, the user can handle the payment and sale of electricity, and the user can bring the RF card back and charge the energy meter.

2.1. Network Topology

安科瑞刷卡预付费系统在乌干达某建筑的应用-刘方强2021.03.25 纯英文1124.png

2.2 Related Products

安科瑞刷卡预付费系统在乌干达某建筑的应用-刘方强2021.03.25 纯英文1147.png

安科瑞刷卡预付费系统在乌干达某建筑的应用-刘方强2021.03.25 纯英文1149.png

安科瑞刷卡预付费系统在乌干达某建筑的应用-刘方强2021.03.25 纯英文1151.png

安科瑞刷卡预付费系统在乌干达某建筑的应用-刘方强2021.03.25 纯英文1152.png

3.Installation Picture

安科瑞刷卡预付费系统在乌干达某建筑的应用-刘方强2021.03.25 纯英文1177.png

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