Jiangyin E-commerce team-building activity was successfully completed

Time: 25 November 2021  |   Source: Acrel

    In the golden autumn of October,when the sweet-scented of the osmanthus fragrant all around us, on November 20th, Jiangsu Acrel e-commerce department launched a team building activity. The team building activity was mainly divided into four parts: climbing Huangshan, cold meal barbecue, performances, and game interaction. In order to motivate everyone, each part has set up bonus points, let’s wait and see who was the real king of team building.

PART1  Climb Huangshan

    At 8:30 in the morning, everyone gathered at the entrance of Huangshan Lake Park. The morning sun shines through the clouds, illuminating the face of every employee.

    Everyone was ready to go, and set off to Huangshan with a relaxed pace. Along the way, every scenic spot can take pictures and check in, and publish a photo can get 2 points.

Wangjiang Building


Jiangyin Yangtze River Bridge

Ancient Forts of Ming and Qing Dynasties

Command post

Ammunition depot, Bright trench,Dark castle


    Everyone  felt very tired after climbing Huangsha,and go to Micro -grid Research Institute to have a taste of the food!

It was smoky out of the door, but couldn’t hide everyone’s gaze at the sizzling barbecue. There was even more of a gourmet mecca in the hall,such as cakes, sushi, milk tea, snacks, fruits.All the soreness after climbing Huangshan has disappeared and everyone was immersed in the food.

PART3  Performance

    After eating and drinking,let’s come and enjoy the wonderful performances!

Song Closer

Song《Where is the road》

Cantata Smile of the rainbow

English poem recitation Moonlight and Clown

Duet Dignity

Ukulele Solo The Wind Is Up

I am very happy

Chorus of Russian (Former Soviet Union) Song Katyusha

DuetLonely Sandbar is Cold

    Everyone is so talented!

    After watching these wonderful programs, I sincerely sigh: The sun is shining and the time is just right. Among thousands of people, it is great that we meet in ACREL.

PART4  Game interaction

  Finally was the exciting game session. There were seven games in this session, such as hamster hitting, eyebrow sticking, unlocking the bracelet, braving thunder formations, kangaroo jumping, etc. Everyone wa divided into teams to participate, and the first place in each round of the game is increased by 5 Points, the second place adds 3 points, and the third place adds 1 point.

    The event ended successfully with everyone's active participation. Congratulations to the following members who have become the kings of team building in ACREL.

    Through this team building activity, it not only relieves personal work pressure, relaxes the body and mind, but also promotes friendly exchanges between colleagues, and enhances the cohesion and centripetal force of the team.

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